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What is Orthodontics?


Orthodontic treatment is used to improve the appearance, position, and function of uneven crooked teeth. Orthodontics uses devices such as a brace or removable appliances (e.g., Invisalign) to straighten the teeth.

The length of treatment will depend on the complexity of the case, but it’s usually between 4 and 24 months.

Aesthetic orthodontics takes shorter time, sometimes as short as 6 months (e.g. 6 Month Smiles). However, when the function of teeth needs to be changed – or tooth extraction is needed – the treatment can take longer, up to 24 months.



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6 Month Smile Braces

6 Month Smiles falls under the category of fixed braces and is a discreet orthodontic braces system that involves tooth-coloured brackets and wires. This system focuses on straightening only the front 6 to 8 teeth (i.e. only the teeth that show when you smile). This means the treatment is much faster than conventional orthodontics, which focuses on all of your teeth. 6 Month Smiles can be used to treat crooked teeth, misalignment, unsightly gaps, or a misplaced midline. As the name suggests, 6 Month Smiles is a quick procedure, with most results achieved in 6-9 months.


Invisalign is a product which straightens teeth using nearly invisible, uses custom made, removable aligners to improve your smile. The product was created primarily for adults who did not wish to consider the traditional fixed braces. The braces are very discrete and are commonly known as the “Invisible Brace”. At Sterling Private Clinic, your Orthodontist will help you to decide on the best option of braces to best suit your teeth and personal needs.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?

Many people have crowded or crooked teeth, or their teeth don’t meet correctly when they bite. These problems mean that teeth are more likely to fracture or put strain on jaw muscles. In some cases, a person may not be happy with the way teeth look; in these cases an aesthetic treatment approach may be more suitable.

Why should I see the Orthodontist?

It’s thought around one-third of 12-year-olds would benefit from some degree of orthodontic treatment. Often treatment for these 12 year olds can be offered on the NHS if they fit strict criteria but if it is not available on the NHS, the treatment fan be carried out privately by our team of experienced clinicians.

There is a general misconception that orthodontics is for younger people. However, nowadays many adults successfully complete orthodontic treatments to achieve better smiles. There is not a age limit for orthodontics, bearing in mind that the condition of the gums is healthy.

Failed cases or patients unsatisfied with their previously completed treatment can undertake specialist advice for treatment and subsequent correction.

Our Orthodontists

Our Orthodontists are registered on the General Dental Council (GDC) register as Specialists, or have a special interest in Orthodontics (trainee specialists). They have spent several additional years studying this specialty after finishing their dental degree (postgraduate training). During your initial consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and may take some photographs and X-rays. He will discuss the likely outcomes, timescale and possible problems you may experience during the treatment. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and discuss the costs of your treatment.

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